Life Coaching is About Empowering Clients and Assisting Them .

Life Coaching is About Empowering Clients and Assisting Them .


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Lonna Williams
Week 3
It is important to get goals because the scripture says that without a vision ,the people perish, Proverbs 29 verse 18, (King James Version). It also shares to write the vision and make it plain that he may run that reads it, ( Habakkuk 2verse 2, King James Version. People need a sense of purpose and without it they will not truly find satisfaction in their lives. Life Coaching is About Empowering Clients and Assisting Them .We were designed that way by our heavenly Father. It is not until one finds God\'s will for their lives that they will truly begin to live. This discovery brings new life, energy, and passion into our hearts and lives. Some obstacles of that that may get in the way are self defeating thoughts such as I will never lose weight or what will everyone think. We can become our own worst enemy and our toughest critic at times.


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We can be extremely hard on ourselves. Obstacles must be dealt with before any decisions can be made, Collins, (2009), p.125. The graph of life life assessment can help clients to decide what are their likes and dislikes. I t can also bring to realization what they are happy about in their lives and what they are dissatisfied with, Collins, (2009), p.355. A life coach can help clients to achieve their goals by helping or guiding them to discover what is it that they are wanting to change and how to get there. They must first find what they are satisfied with and dissatisfied with. Active listening to them and the graph of life assessment is is a great place to start.Life Coaching is About Empowering Clients and Assisting Them .

Tracey Nguyen
Goal Setting
Some clients are able to know their goals several minutes into the sessions, while others take a while to understand what it is they wish to aim for. Despite the client, coaches enable people to set and reach goals (Collins, 2009). The relationship between a life coach and a client is based on communication, respect, and trust. These factors allow for a common ground for each party to work in making SMART goals obtainable. Coaches and clients work together to decipher the present in order to reach a better future. In order for a clear goal, a clear game plan will be the biggest tool in this. Despite short-term or long-range interests, clients are helping themselves develop their overall plan of action (Collins, 2009). Outside of clarifying the goal, goal setting comes in many different ways because of the several types of goals/clients available. An example of implementing a plan would be discussing any desired outcomes, deciding which goals to pursue, and arranging these agreed-on goals to get a good result (Collins, 2009). As progress is made, it is normal for some goals or tasks to be revised, skipped, or abandoned (Collins, 2009). The biggest challenge in goal setting would be keeping the. hope alive. Results do not always come easy and people do not always come patient, but life coaches who perform well in their respected jobs are still faced with continuously motivating and pushing their clients for the better (Collins, 2009).Life Coaching is About Empowering Clients and Assisting Them .


Collins, G. R. (2009) Christian coaching: helping others turn potential into reality. Rev. 2nd ed.

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Reply to Lonna Williams

Life coaching is about empowering clients and assisting them to discover what they want to achieve in life. A coach helps clients understand their full potential utilizing a God-centered scheme of coaching. Through coaching, the client builds up a vision for his or her life along with an aspiration for a good future. Coaching enables clients to attain their goals, the likelihood of encountering obstacles and getting unstuck in order to attain the set goals. According to Collins (2009), one of the greatest responsibilities of a coach is to assist clients to uncover, face and overcome mental self-talk and self-defeating behaviors that impede progress. Passion drives individuals forward and when we have a vision in our minds; we are able to take steps that will enable us to get where we desire to be. A coach uses life satisfaction assessment to assist clients to know what they as satisfied or dissatisfied with and consider the areas of their lives they desire to address in coaching.Life Coaching is About Empowering Clients and Assisting Them .

Reply to Tracey Nguyen

Setting goals is a major action of life coaching, assisting individuals to move forward with clarity and purpose to craft life-affirming transformations. Setting a goal may create a sense of focus, purpose and anticipation, even though for some clients,   goal setting might be a difficult process, making them focus on just a single goal or believing that they are incapable of committing themselves in setting the goal. For other clients, working towards attaining their goals offers the most benefit because they feel rewarded by seeing the milestones they have reached or the transformations in their lives. A coach can help clients to set SMART goals. Clients and coaches can then discuss the action/communication skills and mind skills the clients should improve on Throughout the coaching sessions, coaches respect clients as intellectual collaborators, who are eventually liable for offering the material for, and making the decision on the skills they should address (Collins, 2009).Life Coaching is About Empowering Clients and Assisting Them .